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Report issue

Please see the Resolving known issues section, your problem may have already been resolved.


Most of the problems are related to incorrectly installed Bluetooth driver or corrupted system files. You can easily solve them yourself.

Update Bluetooth driver⚓︎

  1. Try updating the Bluetooth driver manually. Download the Bluetooth driver from the Bluetooth driver manufacturer's website and install it.
  2. Restart the computer

Check system files⚓︎

  1. Perform file verification according to Microsoft's official instructions Using System File Checker in Windows
  2. Restart the computer

Report issue⚓︎

Describe in detail the problem you encountered and the steps to reproduce it. Be sure to upload log files. If possible, add a screenshot or recording of the screen with the problem.

Upload problem description, log files, screenshots and videos to any of those resources:

  • Discord

    Join our Discord community. Create a new post in the section Issue and attach information that you prepared.

  • GitHub

    Login or Register on if you don't have an account. Open a new issue on MagicPods-Windows and attach information that you prepared.

  • Email

    Attach information that you prepared and send mail to

How to get log files⚓︎

  1. Open the MagicPods, go to the Preferences page
  2. In the Debug log option click to folder icon
  3. Add all text files in the opened folder to the ZIP archive