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Report issue

Please read the Resolving known issues section before contacting the developer. Your problem may have already been resolved.

Prepare information⚓︎

  1. Prepare log files. Open MagicPods, go to Support page and click on Debug log. Add all text files in the open folder to the ZIP archive
  2. Describe your problem (A clear and concise description of the problem you are facing). Describe the steps you tried to solve the problem yourself (optional). If you are using a laptop, please specify the model
  3. Add screenshots or video if it helps to better understand your problem

Using github⚓︎

The best way to report issue it open github issue. Login or Register on if you don't have an account. Open the new issue on this page and attach information that you prepared.

Using email⚓︎

Attach information that you prepared and sent mail to