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Changelog (16-09-2021)⚓︎


  • Smoothly decrease and increase the volume when the earbud is removed from your ear
  • Now, after disconnect the AirPods, the audio players will be paused if they were playing sound
  • Auto switch audio output no longer requires additional components to install

New languages:

  • Vietnamese
  • Updated other languages


  • An error that caused the application to crash when the user turned off the Bluetooth
  • An error that caused the application to crash when VoiceOver read notification
  • An error where animation played incorrectly on monitors with high refresh rate
  • An error that caused the application to crash when selecting some applications from the list VoiceOver apps
  • An error in which the animation in the "Status" window blinked when fast search was enabled (19-07-2021)⚓︎

Fixed hide popup window when click outside. (Not works on some pc) (17-07-2021)⚓︎

The popup will now hide when you click outside of it. - Added Romanian, Japanese and Polish languages - Updated some languages (30-06-2021)⚓︎

  • Added support Play / Pause for iTunes (Microsoft store)
  • Added the ability connect the AirPods from tray menu
  • Fixes bug when connecting AirPods with some disabled services caused the app to crash.
  • Updated translations (Thx our community) (22-05-2021)⚓︎

Say hello to your AirPods Max 👋

New: - Add supports AirPods Max - Improved response from opening and closing AirPods case - Updated translations in many languages - Changed the hiding time of the pop-up window from 10 seconds to 30 seconds when clicking on the cross. (23-04-2021)⚓︎

This update brings new feature «VoiceOver notification». The built-in announcer will read out new notifications. Don't worry, the MagicPods does not collect any data, everything is stored only on your computer.

  • Added Swedish, Ukrainian, Italian
  • Updated some languages
  • Added new wiki (18-03-2021)⚓︎

This update will optimize the application.

  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce RAM consumption
  • Fixed bug when video blink before start playing
  • Bug fixes (21-02-2021)⚓︎

  • Fixed crashed the app when after switch user
  • Fixed crashed the app when the user has disabled some audio services
  • Updated and supplemented translation of some languages
  • Added Hungarian language (02-02-2021)⚓︎

  • Fixed issue when some users have crashed the settings window. (01-02-2021)⚓︎

  • Hot fix crash menu for Windows 10 build 18362 and down (31-01-2021)⚓︎

  • Updated all languages. Thx our community for the help.
  • Added connect icon. (Shows when the app is connecting headphones)
  • MagicPods name returned to title bar
  • Replace header name to title bar. (Especially useful in the small window where free space is important)
  • Fixed issue when some Bluetooth data could crash the app
  • Changed some default settings. (Applies only to new installation of the application) (24-01-2021)⚓︎

  • Added tooltip for "Auto switch audio output".
  • Updated Korean, English and Russian languages. (11-01-2021)⚓︎

The large update brings some new features: - Auto switch audio output - Animation position on screen - New search status animation and icon for it - Reduce RAM consumption - Battery step changed from 0%, 10%, 20% ... to 5%, 15%, 25% ... - Connect button color now uses windows accent color

Added languages: - Dutch - German Note. Translation in some languages is incomplete. (23-11-2020)⚓︎

  • Added Korean language
  • Updated translation of the «Connect» button
  • Fixed a bug where the low battery notification sometimes displayed the wrong charge (04-11-2020)⚓︎

  • Added Turkish language
  • Bug fixes (20-09-2020)⚓︎

Introducing a new interface with Microsoft Fluent Design.

New features: - You can now connect to your AirPods through pop-up window or automatically. - Supports all media players with system media control (detailed information in the app). - In addition, VLC, QQMusic, CloudMusic, KuGou are also supported. - Auto play command when you connect to your AirPods.

Bug fixes: - Sometimes other Apple device can crash the app. (05-08-2020)⚓︎

  • Fixed grammar errors.
  • Added languages:
  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • French (France)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - partially translated (26-07-2020)⚓︎

  • Added Chinese language (22-07-2020)⚓︎

  • Added support PowerBeatsPro (beta).
  • Added hover text on tray icon.
  • Added digital battery information tray icon.
  • Added Auto switch dark / light theme for tray icon.

Improved AirPods search.

  • Fixed notification with error "Bluetooth low energy does not support". Now if you hide tray icon you will able to close the app.
  • Fixed an error that caused to slow frame rate of animation. Now animation plays at 60fps
  • Fixed an error that caused to moving the name of the headphones to the second line
  • Fixed an error that caused to trouble with play / pause. Now you can retranslate audio signal or listening your - microphone without blocking play / pause option.

Deleted legacy method of search AirPods. Let me know if you have trouble. (14-06-2020)⚓︎

You asked, I did! Now you can choose size of animation window. Also you can watch battery level on icon tray.

  • Added Russian language.
  • Fixed a bug when the charge icon on the right earphone was not displayed (19-05-2020)⚓︎

  • Fixed a bug when the CPU was loaded at 100% if the Bluetooth is off
  • improved performance to Splash screen animation
  • Fixed flickering of Splash screen animation
  • Improved UI. The welcome page has been deleted and now it’s not confusing
  • The application no longer crashes when there are no audio devices in the system (08-05-2020)⚓︎ (06-05-2020)⚓︎

  • Play / Pause for couple apps. It doesn't work very well, but it works :)
  • New status page. Connect to AirPods and open the app.
  • Hide tray icon option.
  • Low audio latency. Useful for audio and video editors.
  • Fixed settings. Now app will not restore settings after update.
  • New video player. Now the video should not fade or turn to black

Fixed an issue where the charge was displayed incorrectly (26-03-2020)⚓︎

  • Fixed AirPods Pro crush.
  • Fixed DeviceVideos IDs (26-03-2020)⚓︎

  • Fixed Broken Animation screen for AirPods Pro (25-03-2020)⚓︎

  • Added AirPods Pro support
  • Search device by model ID
  • Detect connect of bluetooth device by system event
  • Software render for video (05-03-2020)⚓︎

First release.

  • Animation
  • Battery
  • Dark and Light theme
  • Notification
  • Live tile