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Audio streaming


This feature required Windows 10 19041 or Windows 11

Stream audio from Bluetooth devices to PC. The PC acts as a Bluetooth speaker. It allows to connect your Bluetooth headphone and other Bluetooth device at the same time.

A streaming device can be different type like Nintendo Switch, iPhone, Android phone, tablet or different PC.

So this way streaming device sound and sound from the PC can be played through Bluetooth headphone connected to PC. No need to reconnect the headphones to another device and back to the PC.


You can stream audio from Nintendo Switch to PC and use desktop voice app like Discord for communication.

Add a new device⚓︎

Adding device is a little tricked. You may need some attempts before you can add a device. Devices like phone or PC are usually added without problems.

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth streaming device can be discovered. (For the phone, you usually need to keep the Bluetooth settings open.)
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on PC
  3. Click «Add device»
  4. Choose in Bluetooth device list your Bluetooth device

Connect to streaming device⚓︎

  1. Open MagicPods
  2. Go to «General settings»
  3. In «Audio streaming» section, select necessary device and click «Connect»

    Alternative way: Right click on the MagicPods tray icon and choose from which device stream

Auto mute⚓︎

Mute streaming device audio when sound out changed to РС speakers.