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Application settings


Customize theme of main window and tray menu. Does not apply to pop-up windows.

To customize the popup theme, change the theme parameter Pop-up window or Sound output


Customize app language. Restart application to apply changes.

Tagging fake headphones⚓︎

Show a warning in the headphone settings that they are fake.

Check for updates⚓︎

Updates are checked once every 7 days. If an update is available, MagicPods will send a notification.

Run on startup⚓︎

Enable or disable the launch of the application at Windows starts.

Debug log⚓︎

Customize the debug log level. Logs are recorded locally only.

Show log files⚓︎

The folder icon button opens a temporary folder containing application logs.

Do not delete files while the application is running

Reset to default settings⚓︎

Resets all settings to default.