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Sony WH-1000XM4⚓︎


The charge level is displayed in 10% increments.

Noise cancelling⚓︎

The settings work similarly to the official app Sony Headphones.


Before you start, connect your headphones.

Option Description
Noise cancellation
Wind cancellation
Ambient sound Additional settings available

Ambient sound⚓︎

The ambient sound has additional settings.

Ambient sound volume⚓︎

The higher the value, the better the ambient сап be heard.

Focus on voice⚓︎

People's voices will be heard, and ambient noise will be suppressed.

Save settings⚓︎

The Ambient sound volume and Focus on voice settings will be stored in the headphone memory (Existing settings will be overwritten).

When you connect headphones to another device and turn on Ambient sound, the settings you set in MagicPods will be used.

Low audio latency⚓︎

Reduces the delay between frequent switching on (play) and off (pause) of the sound. Useful when working in Premiere Pro or Audition. The feature can increase battery consumption because it prevents the headphones from going into standby mode.

Some Bluetooth drivers have already fixed this problem. If you do not experience a difference, disable this feature

Auto play⚓︎

Send the «Play» command after connecting the headphones. If there are no open players Windows will ignore the command.

Auto pause⚓︎

Pause playback after disconnecting headphones. Disconnecting headphones using MagicPods reduces the delay before pausing. (By any method: button, tray menu or hotkey)

Auto disable Handsfree⚓︎


Show battery percentage will not work if HandsFree is disabled.

The Handsfree profile is used for voice communication and has poor microphone and sound quality. All Bluetooth headphones use this profile.

Option Description
On Immediately disables the Handsfree. The MagicPods will monitor and turn off the the Handsfree if it is turned on.
Off Immediately enables the Handsfree. MagicPods will stop monitoring the Handsfree state.


Disabling the Handsfree will speed up the headphone connection considerably

Microphone doesn't work⚓︎

If you are having trouble enabling HandsFree service or manual control it, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Auto disable Handsfree feature of necessary headphones.
  2. Open Control panel
  3. Right click on Devices and Printers and choose Open
  4. Select your headphones and check the Handsfree Telephony turned on.

Low battery notification⚓︎

Show a notification when the headphone charge is below the specified value. The notification is displayed once for each connected headphones.

You can customize the priority of notifications and allow notifications in focus mode in Windows Notification Settings.

Option Description
Enable Slide the slider to the necessary value. When the charge level of headphones will be the same as the value or below the notification will appear.
Disable Slide the slider to the left until the value text changed to off


To have the notification read out by a narrator, turn on MagicPods in the VoiceOver settings

Connect hotkey⚓︎

Global hotkey to connect or disconnect headphones.

Make sure that the specified hotkey is not used in other applications.