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Auto disable Handsfree⚓︎


Changing this option will effect on Show battery percentage if headphone supports it.

The hands-free service or profile is used for voice communication. All Bluetooth headphones have very poor sound and microphone quality when used in this mode. (You can get slightly better quality with certain Bluetooth adapters.)

If you're not using the microphone on your headphones, it's a good idea to turn off HandsFree. This will speed up the headphone connection process and remove the automatic switch to HandsFree mode when a voice application is opened.


Turn on the toggle switch, when headphone's the Handsfree service will be connected the MagicPods will disable it.


Turn off the toggle switch, the MagicPods will enable the Handsfree service, then the MagicPods will stop checking the Handsfree state.

If something went wrong⚓︎

If you are having trouble enabling HandsFree service or manual control it, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Auto disable Handsfree feature of necessary headphones.
  2. Open Control panel
  3. Right click on Devices and Printers and choose Open
  4. Select your headphones and check the Handsfree Telephony turned on.