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General settings⚓︎

Ear detection⚓︎

Available media players⚓︎

MagicPods supports all players with system media control:

The following players are additionally supported:

  • VLC
  • QQMusic
  • CloudMusic
  • KuGou
  • iTunes (Microsoft Store)


Sometimes KuGou media player doesn't react on Play / Pause command. Restart KuGou can fix this.

AirPods Search Radius⚓︎

If you have trouble with popup window it does not appear or randomly appears you need setup the AirPods search radius.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth
  2. Open General settings in the MagicPods app
  3. Slide AirPods search radius slider to 0
  4. Open your case with AirPods inside near your pc and slowly slide the slider to the right until a popup window appears
  5. If popup window not always appears slide the slider on one step to the right


In addition, over time, the application can most suggest optimal settings.